Our party slogan is “Leadership that Listens.”

Since being appointed Party Leader in June 2016, I have emphasised the motto “Do good to all, with malice towards none.”

Our collective vision in SODELPA is “to build a secure, peaceful, prosperous and stable nation through inclusive leadership and governance that will foster improved livelihoods, sustainable economic and social development, protection of our environment, and reduced vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change”.

We are united in our  belief that Fiji needs strong leadership, and a transparent and accountable government.

I sincerely believe that our country is at a crossroads and it is time that we must make a choice how we want our country to be governed. The decision that we make as individuals the coming elections, will surely determine the future of our country.

My personal vision, which is consistent with the Party’s vision, is based on two fundamental principles. First, as a devout Christian, I am committed to share and spread the message of love and respect for one another, as we are all children of God. Second, I sincerely believe that for the nation to progress, we must all continue to embrace consensus decision-making  for our collective good.


Through dialogue, consensus building and compromise, our founding fathers made it possible for our country to move forward and progress to full independence in 1970. Two decades ago, the consensus process was proven to be the best way for Fiji when Parliament unanimously adopted the 1997 Constitution.​​

Foremost, I have learned to have faith in God, embrace family values and respect all people in my deeds. With God’s blessing and your unwavering support, we can all move forward together.

I call on all the people of Fiji to respect each other’s identity, culture and religion. I condemn the recent attacks on places of worship and have called on the police to move swiftly to apprehend these criminal elements.

I would like to assure the SODELPA family, friends and the nation that I am fully committed to rebuilding our nation back to true multi-racialism through tolerance without fear, respect for one another and the protection of individual and group rights. At the same time we must ensure that we embrace the asspirations of the Taukei on their human rights as stipulated under the UN Declaration  and ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous Rights.

[Excerpted from speech at website launch 9.2.18in Viseisei, Vuda]

"Leadership that Listens"


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